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Today (Future)Kitty!Mummy travelled to Stockholm to see some kittens. This almost impulsive decision to take the kitten search outside of Finland was made after it became apparent that getting two Abyssinian kittens from Finland simultaneously would be impossible. At least at the moment. And (Future)Kitty!Mummy just can’t wait until the autumn, you see. House empty without an Aby. This fixed must be. (Kitty!Mummy likes to channel Yoda.)

After emailing with a few breeders who have female kittens to sale in the Stockholm region, it became apparent to the (Future)Kitty!Mummy that her best hope was to meet with the Whoopee cattery breeder Rita Ribbing and convince that she and Kitty!Daddy can provide a good home for Rita’s two kittens.

And see kittens she did! Rita’s airy apartment was almost filled with Abys. She has eight adult cats and currently five kittens. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure. The kittens charmed (Future)Kitty!Mummy right away by their boisterous and friendly behaviour. The kittens were very used to humans and very interested in what we were doing. Not to mention pretty. And with big ears. (Future)Kitty!Mummy has learned enough of Abys to know that within two minutes every Aby breeder will start talking about the ears. To (Future)Kitty!Mummy’s untrained eye an ear is an ear, but there’s obviously more to the story.

See where it previously said “female kittens”? (Future)Kitty!Daddy had given (Future)Kitty!Mummy specific instructions to get two female kittens. And what does (Future)Kitty!Mummy do? Fall in love with the Purr Machine Boy AKA Lootah, of course. So, with Rita’s blessing (Future)Kitty!Mummy decided to take Laqana and Lootah home at the earliest possibility. Which happens to be in 21(!!) days after the kittens have been vaccinated against rabies. How can (Future)Kitty!Mummy stand this wait?

Here some photographic evidence of the cuteness that is our future kitties:

Lootah (left) is a right charmed. Laqana (right) knows she’s cute.

Lootah (left) and Laqana (right) playing with their brother Ohaanzi.